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Camera Operator

Time Bandits

(Drama Series 2nd Unit, Paramount)

Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power

(Drama Series, Splinter and Warg Unit, Amazon Prime)

The Convert (Brouhaha Entertainment)


Whina (Feature Film, GFC North Films)

The Wilds (Drama Series, ABC Amazon Prime)

Shadow in the Cloud (Feature Film, Four Knight Films)


Letter to the King (Drama Series, Netflix)

Ash v Evil Dead S2 & S3 (Drama Series, Starz)

Far North (Drama Series, SPP)


My Life is Murder ( Drama Series, Greenstone Pictures)

Pete's Dragon (Feature Film, Extra Days, Disney)

Step Dave (Drama Series, SPP Extra Days)

Hope and Wire (Drama Series, 2U)

West Side Story (Drama Series,SPP Extra Days)

Blue Rose (Drama,SPP Extra Days)

Cold Case (Doco Drama, Screentime)


Origins (Doco Series, Scotty productions)

McDonalds (TVC)



Panadol (TVC)


Lotto (TVC)

Nissan Navara (TVC)

Air New Zealand (TVC)

IBM (Content)


Drone Pilot

Snowberry (Content Commercial)

Cold Case (Doco Drama)

Go Racing (Content Commercial)

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